Northrope and Lynnville beige kitchen cabinets

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Our specialty cabinets are here to make your life just a little bit easier. Whether it’s through sweeping a mess into your Toekick Vacuum, or having an electrical source right in your drawer, we’ve thought of all the ins and outs to make life easier, one smart cabinet at a time.

Toekick Vacuum Cabinet

Toekick vacuum cabinet in Maple Lambswool finish

The new Toekick Vacuum, sold as a cabinet modification or accessory, removes debris in seconds with the tap of a foot, eliminating the need for a dustpan. Built into a base cabinet at floor level, the 120-volt unit's strong suction "sweeps up" the debris into a hidden disposable bag for fast everyday cleanups.

Push-to-Open Wastebasket Cabinet

Push to open wastebasket cabinet in Maple Lambswool finish

This convenient push-to-open modification with standard Smart Stop™ feature is an economical solution to an everyday need, providing hands-free access to wastebaskets for greater hygiene and less hassle, without requiring an electrical power source.

PowerGlide™ Compact Cabinet Drawer Outlet

PowerGlide compact cabinet drawer outlet

There's no need to clutter up the counter when charging phones and other electronic devices. Kemper puts 120V and USB power conveniently inside a drawer for easy, yet hidden access. Also great for styling tools and rechargeable items, such as electric razors, in the bath.

Tray Shelves

Tray shelves in Maple Lambswool finish

Display your favorite décor in style with new Tray Shelves, matched to your wood species and available with your choice of support brackets.

Battery Strip Cabinet Lighting

Battery strip light inside a corner cabinet

Illuminate items stored in dark corners for easy access. Motion sensor activated and battery operated LED light strip is factory installed.