New Cabinet Finishes

Inspiring Exteriors

Kemper is launching a line-up of trend-forward finishes, upping the personalization game with new Paint and Purestyle™ choices, expanded glazing options, and the opportunity to personalize your sheen!

Matte Sheen (Choice Only)

From lipstick to home goods to appliances, matte finishes are showing up everywhere, and our cabinets are no exception. Available in Choice™ Series on any stain, any species and offered at the same price as our current Satin sheen, our new Matte sheen top coat absorbs more light for a softer, more natural appearance.


Icy Avalanche

Warm or cool, white is defined by the rest of the colors in a room. Kemper adds to your arsenal of color with Icy Avalanche - a beautiful white paint featuring warm gray undertones. Also available in PureStyle™ in select Echo™ Series door styles.

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Continuing to build on our palette of timeless neutrals, Kemper brings a light, warm greige to the palette. Limestone paint pairs beautifully with wood stains and other paints, and is right in line with today’s most popular choices in countertop and flooring. Also available in PureStyle™ in Echo™ Series door styles.

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The smooth, horizontal wood grain of Kona's warm medium to dark shades of brown lend cozy comfort to any space on the Trillian door style in the Echo™ Series.

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Ashen Strata

Offering light to medium shades of gray to accent a variety of popular aesthetics, the Ashen Strata is a smooth, horizontal wood grain laminate option for the Trillian door style in the Echo™ Series. 

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Maritime in PureStyle™

Blending hues reminiscent of wind and waves, Maritime is an on-trend, exciting neutral PureStyle™ color that is a flawless complement to many colors for a fresh, casual look, available in select Echo™ Series door styles.

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Moonstone in PureStyle™

Moonstone, a medium gray PureStyle™ color with distinct character and charm, proves effective at drawing attention to unique features in a space, available in select Echo™ Series door styles.

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