New Cabinet and Organization Accessories

Enhancing the way you live.

True beauty is more than skin deep. Kemper® offers clever organization to ensure your kitchen is as smart as it is stylish, just like you.  

Biometric Secured Drawer

The Biometric Secured Drawer equips a standard drawer with an installed self-locking mechanism featuring proven advanced sensor biometric technology from The Master Lock Company.  This industry-leading innovation deters would-be thieves and curious hands from accessing valuables and articles needing to be secured. Advanced sensor technology sees past contaminants and imperfections to assure fast, accurate scans granting or restricting access with the touch of a finger.  Available in Choice™ Series

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EZ-Org Modular Pull-out Racks

Offering racks that pull out individually for full visibility and accessibility to contents, this modular solution mounts to the floor of a wall cabinet and is available as an accessory for 18" and 24" wide and wider wall cabinets.  Available in Choice™ Series

Blind Corner Sink Base

When space is at a premium or when you desire a second sink, look to the new Blind Corner Sink Base cabinet for the maximum in corner efficiency. With a considerably larger opening than traditional blind corner cabinets, accessibility is no longer a problem.  Available in Choice™ Series

New HardwareHardware_Style_Story

Much like icing on a cake, hardware is a special touch that adds flavor and a finished look to the room.  Now that the Emerge™ Series offers even more pulls and knobs to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find a style that perfectly completes your vision.

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