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Cabinet Construction

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A beautiful, functioning cabinet starts with smart construction. The following overview provides an outline of general cabinet terms and cabinet construction options. Your designer will be able to answer specific questions about which options are available.

Unmatched Strength and Access with Our Load-Bearing Back


Kemper's hefty 3/8" thick load-bearing back panel extends the entire width and height of our box, providing unwavering structural support for the life of the cabinet. Because of this unique cabinet construction method, in cabinets up to 36" wide, there is no obstructing center divider like other cabinet brands.

Standard Cabinet


  • 1/2" furniture board sides and bottom support lasting durability
  • 1/2" thick furniture board front-to-back I-beam braces integrate sides, back and face frame for construction, shipping and installation stability
  • 3/8" solid furniture board integrated back fully supports weight of mounted cabinet
  • 3/4" solid hardwood face frame
  • Fully concealed, 6-way adjustable hinge
  • Exterior sides are laminated to match the selected finish, except the Inspired Collection finishes

Plywood Upgrade Options


Kemper materials start with high-quality furniture board, a choice material commonly used throughout the cabinet industry, as standard. However, when plywood is desired, Kemper offers various options that meet your budget and project requirements.

  • Plywood Ends option (PE) for finished, visible ends
  • All Plywood Construction option (APC), for the highest quality craftsmanship. A natural finished veneer interior is standard with APC.

Standard Drawer


  • Smart Stop™ IHC drawer system allowing for easy access and self-closing*
  • Integrated hydraulic cylinder (IHC) providing a noticeably smoother close
  • Full extension, undermount guides with fast-clip removal system
  • 4-sided, clear-coated, solid wood drawer box
  • 5/8โ€ thick dovetail sides with 5.2mm laminated plywood bottom

Standard Door


  • Smart Stop™ integrated door system providing gentle, controlled self-closing feature that engages when the door is near the cabinet face frame*
  • Mechanism can be turned off with a flip of a switch

Standard Roll Trays


  • Smart Stop™ roll tray system allowing for easy access and self-closing*
  • Full extension, undermount guides with fast-clip removal system
  • 4-sided, clear-coated, solid wood roll tray box
  • 3/4" nominal thick dovetail sides with 1/4" laminated plywood bottom

Standard Pullouts

cabinet construction

  • Smart Stop™ Guides standard on pullouts: Base and Desk Waste Basket, Base Recycling Center, Base Pantry Pullout, and Base Box Column Pullout
  • Smart Stop™ on pullouts allow for easy access and self-closing*
  • Full extension guides

*Most, but not all, cabinet doors, drawers, roll trays and pullouts feature our Smart Stop™ closing mechanism. Consult your Kemper designer to identify if there are exceptions in your cabinet order.