Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Storage

When organizing your kitchen is your No. 1 priority for your remodeling project, Kemper has the pantry cabinets, corner cabinets, sink cabinets and more to keep your kitchen beautiful, functional and clutter-free. Here are just some of our kitchen remodel ideas for organizing your kitchen.

Curved Corner Pull-out

Optimize every last inch of corner space with the Base Corner Cabinet with Curved Pull-out! Two adjustable chrome and wood kidney-shaped shelves swing out smoothly with quietly to bring the contests of your corner cabinets right to your fingertips!

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Toekick Drawer with Push-to-Open Guides

Innovation is afoot everywhere in a Kemper kitchen. Carve out extra space down under with our ingenious Toekick Drawer. It provides an extra 3-inch-high storage area, perfect for stashing flat kitchen accessories such as baking sheets or placemats.

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Secured Drawer Modification

Our innovative secured drawer modification upgrades a standard drawer with an installed self-locking mechanism featuring proven Master Lock™ advanced sensor biometric technology. This technology sees past contaminants and imperfections to assure fast, accurate scans granting or restricting access with the touch of a finger.

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Can and Wine Bottle Pull-out

A transitional wine cellar might be one way to look at this versatile game-changer. Choose our 5-rack option with capacity for up to 30 wine bottles, or select a 2 or 3-rack version featuring an adjustable, full-depth shelf to tuck away other items.

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Pantry Pull-out Cabinet

Making the most of a slim space, the Base Pantry Pull-out cabinet is perfect for point of use storage of spices, oils and other kitchen necessities.

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Container Organizer Cabinet

The never-ending search for lost lids is over! Keep plastic storage containers and their lids neatly stored in this Container Organizer Cabinet.

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